Poultry Processing Equipment For Chicken Feet Processing Line


1.  Main Technique Parameter

1.1  Application: Chicken Feet

1.2  Feet Weight: 35-55g

1.3  Processing Capacity: 180Kg/ single working station

1.4  Work Station: Four

1.5   Stainless steel net chain driven reducer: 1.5 kw, variable frequency speed regulation

1.6  Blade Power: 0.75kw

1.7 Blade Diameter: Ø250、

2. Equipment Description:

1. All made of stainless steel 304 material, except for motor and reducer

2. Work station pad made of 1.5mm plate

3. Frame with 38×38×2 stainless steel square tube

4. Conveyor outlet equipped with slide

5. Equipped with electric control cabinet

3. Product Picture